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Re: FYI: kernel-image-2.0.30_2.0.30-1.deb

Ed Ferguson wrote:
> > > This kernel will not boot on an old Gateway 2000 P5-90 machine that
> > > uses an Intel Neptune (NX) chipset.  The boot process hangs very early
> > > with the message "A20 gating failed".  The 2.0.29 kernels (and all
> > > previous ones) have worked fine on this machine.

Nasty.  I suspect the Toshiba patches I applied is probably causing this.

I have two options, do nothing, in which case it'll break Gateways like this
one, or back out the patch, in which case all Toshiba laptops susceptible to
this problem will not be able to boot.  So what should I do?
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