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Re: Distribution on multiple CDs

> > How big is the binary distribution right now?
> Sum:
> rex                     217MB
> rex+non-free+contrib    293MB
> bo                      334MV
> bo+non-free+contrib     410MB
> So at the moment even all binaries fit on on CD-ROm, but I believe
> the next release or at least the release after that one will have
> problems with it.  For rex I had to create a second cd containing
> source files.

The next release after Bo will be tight at the very least.  Each
architecture will need its own CD, at the very least.

Maybe DVD will become popular enough before we have to split off
"optional" and "extra" packages onto their own CD.  <hope, hope>

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

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