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Re: /dev/ttyS? dialin/dialout and modes.

On Apr 28, Christian Hudon wrote
> Since the only files that are group dialout are the cua devices, i ...
correction : at least with new makedev / boot disks, all serial and isdn
devices are group dialout (tty* (not the master/slave and virtual
consoles), cu*).

and btw : new bootdisks don't have cua* devices. if you want them, you
have to create them with "/dev/MAKEDEV serial-cu" or "/dev/MAKEDEV cuaß
cua1 ..."

> Hmm. Actually, it's a bit safer to have the devices owned by root. That
> way, uucp can't change their group/permissions.

yes, but current implementation allows anybody to run uucico (and cause
spending mony on phone line :-( that's not save...

another question :

does cron call initgroups() and would set a user uucp to be in group
dialout (if uucp were in uucp and dialout) ?

if so, in what situations would uucico break, if user uucp is in group
dialout ? if someone in group dialout would call uucico (sgid uucp),
will uucico be able to dialout ?

regards, andreas

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