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Re: "dselect" replacement team

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Peter Iannarelli wrote:

> Hi Guys:
> If I understand correctly, one of the current problems
> with the dselect/dpkg utilities is that there is a
> potential that packages on a distribution could get out
> of wack. By that I mean that dependancies are not 
> contained on a distribution, version problems may exist
> and even binary files could be missing.

Hm, It seems to me that many of those problems are caused by dpkg/dselect
not ordering the packages for install right and/or the actual packages
being incorrect. We can fix everything on the install side, but I don't
think the projects scope should include manipulating the construction of
packages till much later on (if at all). If there are specific problems
with the packaging tools then something might be able to be done about it
eventually by changing the exsting code or begining a new project to redo
the packager.

The immedite goal seems to be to correct/improve the problems with
installation of packages.
> If we minimize the amount of logistical processing during
> install or upgrade a fairly lean, high performance install
> facility should be no problem.

The way Debian's packaging system stores and maintains the package
information doesn't seem to involve all that much processing actually,
I've been laying out in my mind what it has to do and so far there hasn't
been terribly much, I will know for certain once I inspect the existing
code and comprare notes.


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