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Re: "dselect" replacement team

On 12 Apr 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> jwalther@smartt.com writes:
> > > Are directory lookups really that slow?  I'd be surprised if they were
> > > a significant fraction of the total computation time.
> > 
> > Yes they are.  They very much are.  Those of us without super pentium
> > 200's really notice this.  Im on a 486dx2/80, and I notice dselect's
> > slowness, and the way it reprocesses things that its already processed!
> > its irritating.
> I wasn't debating whether or not deselect is slow.  People wouldn't be
> complaining so much if it wasn't.  What I was advocating was making
> sure we know where the actual bottlenecks are, so time isn't wasted
> speeding up things that aren't related to the problem.
> I wasn't claiming to know either way, just urging careful study.

Don't worry, either of you. I will be performing benchmarks against the
dpkg lib on my slow 486/50 to determine exactly were the bottlenecks are
and try to identify solutions. Right now I consider anything that takes >
1s of time on my 486 to be a slow thing needing speedup.


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