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Re: bootable CDs

> At 10:59 AM 23/04/97 PDT, Bruce Perens wrote:
> >Helmut Geyer patched debian-cd to produce El Torito format directly-bootable
> >CDs. debian-cd_0.1.2 is in Incoming.
> >
> >I'd be interested in hearing what settings you have to give popular SCSI
> >controllers to make them boot directly from a CD. Also, is there any IDE
> >CD that boots?

The problem is the SCSI controllers. Most modern (i.e less than half a year
old) IDE chipsets and CDROM drives are able to boot from the CD. Most
SCSI combos still can't (this usually is the fault of the Host Adapter's 
> I set up new PC's with IDE cdrom's everyday, and of late there's been a
> newer feature that I stumbled accross in the BIOS - instead of the boot
> sequence being A or C or SCSI, there's often "CDROM" in there as well -
> does anyone know how this works?  It would be really handy for Debian (and
> my own interests:) to do this.
The CDROM has a special boootimage (in fact a FD image of a valid BIOS size,
i.e. 1.2 1.44 or 2.88M) on the CD. The BIOS is able to fake this image as
a floppy and boots from this image directly. 
For more information take a look at the mkisofs in unstable (1.11).
I have had success using IDE CDROMs, but have not yet seen any SCSI combo
that could do it.


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