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Re: Debian for Power Macs.

vincent@waw.com (Vincent Renardias)  wrote on 04.04.97 in <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.91.970404211809.5862F-100000@odin.waw.com>:

> Is someone already working (or is interested and have the hardware) on a
> port of Debian on Power Macs?

I have some vague promises to maybe get a powermac this year. Not that I  
didn't have those before.

Should this happen, then I'm going to be interested.

Well, I'm interested anyway, but I can't do much without the hardware. I  
have access to a 9500 (usually every Saturday), but not that much time for  
experiments while I have that access.

MfG Kai

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