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Re: Bug reports and fixes should be reported upstream

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> 	[General complaint: I maintain several packages like
> 	man, man-pages, kbd, mount, fdisk, perhaps patch -
> 	and hope to hear about problems.  Unreported problems
> 	will not be fixed, and if they are only fixed in RedHat
> 	or Debian or so, they will have to be fixed again when
> 	a new version is released.
>       * I am not willing to spend my time searching bug archives
>       * before releasing new versions, or looking at RedHat rpm's
>       * to see whether there are any patches, and if so, to guess
>       * what purpose these patches might have.]
> His complaint is valid. Upstream developers should not have to
> browse Debian bug lists. The Debian maintainer of the package
> should forward bugs and fixes to the upstream maintainer. I
> assume most do this, but it may be good to remind everyone
> of this.

Thanks for pointing that out! I hope that this is current practise, but
it's definitely worth being added to our Policy Manual. I'll include this



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