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AfterStep 1.0pre7 in bo? (Was Re: afterstep 0.99pre6-2 uploaded to master.debian.org)

On 26 Apr, Clint Adams wrote:
> pre7 seems to be out with some bugfixes that perhaps should go into frozen.

Well, I had actually started Debianizing pre7 before I released
0.99pre6-2 today.  Since, last I heard, we are releasing 1.3 in 2 days,
it seemed a little late in the game to be switching to new upstream

On the other hand the upstream changes from pre6 to pre7 are quite small
(27 lines of code in all), and are apparently all bugfixes.  I don't
understand the code well enough to know how trivial the changes are.

According to the upstream CHANGES file, the changes are:

	-Fixed AnimateTwist bug
	-Fixed windowlist hotkey bug
	-Fixed problematic mousebindings
	-Fixed iconized bug
	-No longer east up all cpu in a select loop if there are
	 more FD than FD_SETSIZE
I have never experienced any of these problems, and I tend to put
AfterStep through a pretty fair workout.  I don't think any of them are
true "showstoppers."  On the other hand, it would be nice not to
release bo with a package with known bugs.

What does everyone think?  (particularly Brian since, as VP of
Engineering, this seems to be your bailiwick)

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