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Re: debian-doc mailing list exists


On 31 Mar 1997, Christian Leutloff wrote:

> Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:
> > BTW, I'm currently working on restructuring the Policy Manual. These
> > issues will be discussed on debian-doc, too. However, any changes will be
> > presented and discussed on debian-devel afterwards. (But I encourage
> > everyone that wants to take part in the discussion to join the debian-doc
> > mailing list).
> NO! Don't discuss the same topic twice in different mailing-lists! So
> all discussion is made in debian-doc. The results are posted to
> debian-devel oder IMHO better to debian-announce with FOLLUW-UP set to
> debian-doc.

Though I generally don't like having one discussions in two mailing lists
I think the case is different here.

Right now, I'm working on a new structure of the Policy Manual. Several
chapters will be renamed and moved within the document while some chapters
will be moved into another manual. This does _not_ affect the "Debian
Policy" itself, it's just a matter of where we put a section. This is an
issue that belongs to debian-doc. (So if someone is intrested in joining
the discussion, please subscribe to debian-doc.)

However, there will be discussions about changes of the "Debian Policy" in
future. These discussions are _very_ important and they affect _all_
Debian developers. They belong to debian-devel and will be done there.

> I think there's no need for crosspostings between the various debian
> mailing lists! So can this be stopped!?

Sorry, but you probably missed the first mails. We agreed that since the
new mailing list debian-doc was up for a few hours only we CC everything
to debian-devel since we didn't want someone to miss the important
discussion about new manuals. However, people seam to have joined the new
mailing list already so there is no need to continue the crossposting.



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