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Re: Debian mirrors

Hi Sue!

> Currently we have the following mirrors with www.<country>.debian.org
> addresses:
> 	France Israel Spain US(Georgia)
> with Japan coming soon. The plan for a German mirror seems to have died
> when Dominik left.
> The following ftp.<country>.debian.org mirror sites exist:
> 	Israel Japan US(Georgia)
> with Japan coming soon.

I'm currently running the German Debian at ftp.uni-erlangen.de. Maybe
we could fill the hole that Dominik at ftp.uni-mainz.de leaves, for

> 1. The site must be reliable and be up 24 hours a day. The machine
> must not be heavily loaded.

No problem :-) Our ftp server is a multi-processor CDC machine,
dedicated for ftp and ftp-related HTTP services.

> 2. It must have a decent connectivity (relative to the respective
> country). Bandwidth equivalent to a T1 connection or better is
> prefered.

Don't know what T1 is, but uni-erlangen.de is directly located on the
German WIN (science net) backbone. WAN transfer rates to other sites
on the backbone can easily reach 500kB/s :-)

> 3. for ftp: the debian ftp hierarchy must be available under /debian

Could make a symlink for that. Currently it's /pub/Linux/debian.

> 4. for www: a real virtual server with its own IP address.

We're running apache, so this should be possible.

> If possible the list and bug archives should be online too.

We have the bug archives already, the mailing lists supriously
disappeared from ftp.debian.org several days ago... Before that, we
had them, too.

> 6. disk space commitments:
> 			  2+GB for www (includes list and bug archives),
> 			  3+GB for ftp

We currently have ~ 2 GB for Debian (full distrib, bug reports). But
we're desparately waiting for some new disks (20 GB) being built in
(technician on holidays... *&^&&*$%$#^)

So, if there's no other German mirror for ftp.de.debian.org, we'd
volunteer for it. For www.de.debian.org, I first have to check some
points with other people, but seems no big trouble.


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