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Re: "dselect" replacement team

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
 > Also note that this doesn't imply that I cannot read his source, I can,
 > it's not that hard. I simply think he should have placed more comments in
 > it, alot more. IMHO this would have made it easier for the rest of us to
 > make changes. 

I quite aggree with this idea of thoroughly commenting one's
code. What about using a 'litterate programming' tool, such as cweb
(already in the distribution) or fweb (in 'Incoming' at this date) ?
This would allow to clarify code even better than we can do it with
simple comments (eg. with graphs, clean tables, etc.)

Yann Dirson

e-mail: dirson@univ-mlv.fr
Jason Gunthorpe writes:

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