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Re: emacs problem


	Could you tell us
 a) version of emacs
 b) version of vm 
    being used? Does the problem persist if you try emacs -q junk.c?
 Does the users .emacs file refer to vm-init?

	There is no vm-init file under the new emacs conventions
 (there is /etc/emacs/site-init.d/50vm-init.el instead). The old file
 /etc/emacs/site-init.el used to call vm-init.el, but I think that
 should have been rooted out by installing the new emacs.

	Could the Emacs maintainer clarify this? Should vm go about
 editing out ancient injuction to run vm-init.el out of obsolete
 site-init.el files, or does emacs post-inst take care of that?

	Bruce, just remove any references to vm-init in the startup
 files, and things should work.

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