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Re: /dev/ttyS? dialin/dialout and modes.

> No, you can't put uucp in the group dialout. I know what you mean; just
> add uucp to the dialout group in /etc/group, right? But that only
> works on login, because /bin/login calls initgroups() and youhave to
> be root to do that.

ok. learned something new again. i
by the way : do cron and su call this initgroups() ?

> > > In the mean time, I've filed bug reports against all getty packages
> > > to set the modes to uucp:dialout/0660. While that isn't perfect
> > > if you are right and root:dialout would be better, it is the first
> > > step in the right direction.

ok, next makedev will have all tty* and cu* (they are in class dialout)
changed to uucp:dialout. but this will not change any system, as long as
the system administrator doesn't run "/dev/MAKEDEV generic" (or serial,
or ...). and it will affect bootdisks (if sven creates a new release).

should the new makedev go into frozen ?

regards, andreas
(i still don't like it, but you conviced me :-) 
(time to implement access control lists ? :-)

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