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Re: Installation test report: 1997-04-04

>>>>> "Sven" == Sven Rudolph <sr1@os.inf.tu-dresden.de> writes:

    >> I also wonder, what will go on the other function keys???
    >> Perhaps a brief explaination of the order of the installation
    >> steps?  Or does that belong in install.html?  Or things like
    >> how to scroll the linux console with shift-pageup/pagedown, and
    >> that scrollock works?  Something about the log on f3 and f4?
    >> The shell on f2? Or boot-line examples?

    > I don't have a design concept for these info text. Suggestions
    > invited.

I'll think on this and try and get back to you.

    >> I've no CD, but do have a CDROM.  So after every dialog screen,
    >> there was an error message that flashes by too fast to read.  I
    >> managed to read it by re-invoking the keyboard setup a bunch of
    >> times: sda: dev no ready... blah blah.  It is harmless, and
    >> won't happen if a CD is in the drive, I suppose, but maybe we
    >> should warn about it in the install.html file???  There may be
    >> people with CDROM's installing another way who won't have a CD
    >> in there, and who may not understand the error message.

    > Why is the CD-ROM accessed as sda?

It's attached to a ProAudio Studio spectrum soundcard with a SCSI I
port.  So it's sda... hmmm... {C-u M-! ls -l /dev/cdrom}

lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root            9 Feb  3 22:31 /dev/cdrom -> /dev/scd0

 Ok... it's not sda.  I will need to run the rescue disk again and see 
what it said to be sure.  I may have typoed.  (later though, I need to 
get some sleep now.)

    >> It occured to me that perhaps the reason that person's 3rd
    >> diskette kept failing is that the disk got popped before the
    >> light went out?  Or that the dd commandline was wrong; no sync
    >> after it?  The docs could mention that maybe.

    > On Linux the dd should finish after the device is closed, and
    > the device is only closed when the writing is finished.

I just thought maybe an impatient person might push the button to
eject the diskette a half second too soon...  I will do an experiment
with that too, later.

    >> After reboot, the starting message needs to be piped through
    >> the pager.  I checked, and 'more' is there, so it could be
    >> used.  I knew to press Shift-PageUp/PageDown to scroll the
    >> screen and read all of the 'you need to set a root passwd'
    >> information, but a newbie won't.

    > The message fits on the screen, but the new passwd adds a
    > message telling which characters should be in a password. Now
    > the message is too long ...

I guess you can split it and have a script using here documents
display part of it at a time.  [press return]
    >> After you log in, it still says Debian 1.2 at login prompts.  I
    >> think the copyright date is saying 1996 also.  Some nice color
    >> ANSI would look good too...

    > You cannot rely on having an ANSI terminal.

But one of the first things you do is answer a dialog for color or
monochrome.  So there can be two versions; one for color and one for
mono.  Maybe I'll work on this after some sleep, too.  It might be fun.

  (some colorized static logo stuff...)
  (no color in this one.)

 There will be a symlink to the right one, I suppose.  Color console
can use the one with ANSI in it, and telnet can have a mono version, I
guess, even though most telnet clients can display color these days,
AFAIK.  Color would be more fun.

# escape the '\' chars in figlet logos for console, but
# not for network (telnet shows /etc/issue.net)
cat /etc/issue.logo | sed -e 's/\\/\\\\/g' > /etc/issue
echo added by init.d/boot >>/etc/issue

  (same for motd...)

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 <Yawn>  I was up all night...  I need a break now. </yawn>

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