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Re: Bug#8313: 1.2.8 installation bombs out

"Darren/Torin/Who Ever..." <torin@daft.com> writes:

> The current problem is that since perl 5.003.07-8 conflicts with
> perl-base, yet perl 5.003.07-9 depends on perl-base, you have to install
> both at the same time with perl first on the command line:
> dpkg -i perl_5.003.07-9_i386.deb perl-base_5.003.07-9_i386.deb
> This works since the conflicts of perl are overridden first and then the
> dependencies are checked.  If you swap them, perl-base conflicts with
> the earlier perl-base 5.003.07-8 and won't install at all.  In the
> meantime perl 5.003.07-9 has installed but can't be configured since the
> executable is in perl-base.
> I've thought of a few ideas to get around this:
> 1) provide perl in perl-base.  This is a bad idea.  It might convince
>    people and/or programs that perl is actually installed
> 2) conflict with perl so that it would be deinstalled.  Without an
>    earlier than clause, it won't work at all.  Having an earlier than
>    clause is explicitly a bad thing in the prog-doc which mentions that
>    dpkg might get the order wrong.
> 3) Make the packages perl5 and provide perl.  This might be the only one
>    that will actually work but I hesitate to make such a change during
>    freeze.

I fear that all of this options complicate everything. OK, 3) could
work, but you are right that it isn't time for doing this.

Currently I take some files from the perl package and put them into
the base system. So they aren't registered.

This is only a problem when the perl that will be installed by dpkg is
a different version than the one in the base system. All files that
have different names (files that have a version number in their name)
will not be deleted. This isn't good, but it is no major waste of disk
space; and in most cases this problem won't occur because the versions
are the same.

Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de> ; WWW : http://www.sax.de/~sr1/

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