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Re: dpkg must never be in C++---Bruce, please rule on this.

From: Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@calder.med.miami.edu>
> The single most important issue, I think, is this business of doing it
> all in C++.
> For this purpose, IMHO, C++ is a mistake.  It is insufficently
> supported for a basic system tool (dpkg---note that dselect is not
> considered "essential") to be dependent upon it.

I actually do support them in the choice of C++, because of its
usefullness in defining a modular interface and reusable code, and the
higher initial code-correctness that one achieves with C++. In general
things that I write using C++ run correctly as soon as they compile,
which I could never say for C. I've written about 1/4 Million lines of
C++ at Pixar, and am familiar with the problems of using new features
that aren't well supported across all platforms, how to avoid C++
pitfalls, etc.

Regarding the lack of a C++ compiler for AXP, this is something we will
have to deal with on future ports, I agree. I hope that we can raise the
priority of C++.

> While I support the goal of making a libdpkg and such, I think the
> team for that should consist of Ian Jackson and at most two other
> people, with the possibility of "outside specialists" for creating
> interfaces to scripting languages, etc.

Have you heard from Ian since chiark went off the air? I haven't.

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