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Re: Can we upload binaries using libc6 to hamm yet?

'Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:'
>Thomas Koenig wrote:
>> David Engel wrote:
>> >On Apr 21, Tom Lees wrote
>> >> Seeing as hamm is supposed to be libc6, and I some new stuff to upload
>> >> into hamm, can I compile it against libc6?
>Brian, after libc6 being installed in unstable, will you report a zillion
>bugs against all packages requiring a recompile? [ This would also serve
>as a developer-ping ].

Can we wait for bug reports and &etc until AFTER bo is released?

I'm OK with people upgrading libc6 stuff to hamm, but I'm focusing on
trying to make sure "bo" is a success at this point and a
developer-ping at this point seems counter productive.

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