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Re: Installation test report: 1997-04-04

"Karl M. Hegbloom" <karlheg@inetarena.com> writes:

>  I tested the installation disks today; the 1997-04-04 set from
> the ftp://master.debian.org Incoming directory.
>  Here's a list of things I found:
>  When you boot the rescue disk, and press F9, the second line is too
> long and the \n is at the edge, causing an extra blank line to be
> displayed.

Thanks for spotting this, I changed it.

>  I also wonder, what will go on the other function keys???  Perhaps a
> brief explaination of the order of the installation steps?  Or does
> that belong in install.html?  Or things like how to scroll the linux
> console with shift-pageup/pagedown, and that scrollock works?
> Something about the log on f3 and f4?  The shell on f2? Or boot-line
> examples?

I don't have a design concept for these info text. Suggestions

>  The 'Release Notes' dialog screen says that the disk was created on
> Feb. 12, 1997.  That isn't right, is it?

I changed the scripts so that this date is changed automatically :-)

>  I've no CD, but do have a CDROM.  So after every dialog screen, there
> was an error message that flashes by too fast to read.  I managed to
> read it by re-invoking the keyboard setup a bunch of times: sda: dev
> no ready... blah blah.  It is harmless, and won't happen if a CD is in
> the drive, I suppose, but maybe we should warn about it in the
> install.html file???  There may be people with CDROM's installing
> another way who won't have a CD in there, and who may not understand
> the error message.

Why is the CD-ROM accessed as sda?

>  It occured to me that perhaps the reason that person's 3rd diskette
> kept failing is that the disk got popped before the light went out?
> Or that the dd commandline was wrong; no sync after it?  The docs
> could mention that maybe.

On Linux the dd should finish after the device is closed, and the
device is only closed when the writing is finished.

>  After reboot, the starting message needs to be piped through the
> pager.  I checked, and 'more' is there, so it could be used.  I knew
> to press Shift-PageUp/PageDown to scroll the screen and read all of
> the 'you need to set a root passwd' information, but a newbie won't.

The message fits on the screen, but the new passwd adds a message
telling which characters should be in a password. Now the message is
too long ...

>  After you log in, it still says Debian 1.2 at login prompts.  I think 
> the copyright date is saying 1996 also.  Some nice color ANSI would
> look good too...

You cannot rely on having an ANSI terminal.

Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de> ; WWW : http://www.sax.de/~sr1/

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