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/dev/ttyS? dialin/dialout and modes.

I've just filed bug reports against mgetty, getty and getty-ps mentioning
that they should set the tty device to owner uucp:dialout, mode 0660.

Now I see that the bootfloppies have the /dev/ttySx devices owned by
root instead of uucp. I think this is a bug, but I don't know how
to file a bug report against the disks-i386 directory..

Note that UUCP still is an important subsystem, and that currently some
parts of it (uucico) are setgid dialout, and so other programs have to
be setuid uucp to call uucico etc. As not all programs of the uucp suite
were designed foor this I'm not quite sure it is 100% safe, so I think
the owner of the dialout devices should be uucp:dialout instead of root:dialout.

The same goes for makedev (actually /etc/makedev.cfg); should I file
a bug report against that as well?

As soon as that has been sorted out I think we can stop using /dev/cua*
totally; I've been using /dev/ttyS* exclusively for some time and
it seems to work fine (using mgetty for dialin and /etc/mgetty/login.config
setup to set the device owner/modes to uucp:dialout 0660. That should
be a compiled-in default).

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