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Re: dwww: Which is the preferred way to register?

> What is the current policy on how to register HTML documents with dwww? I
> see now that dwww 1.4 recommends menu, and provides its own menu-method
> for html menus. I could not find anything about HTML documentation in the
> current policy manuals.
> So, should I use .dwww-index, as mentioned in the dwww docs, or should I
> use the menu support? If everyone should only be using one of these, why
> are there two methods, and why hasn't it been mentioned before? Or are
> there specific cases where one or the other should be used?
> In any case, this should definitely be documented somewhere (policy
> manuals).

I think they are both sort of experimental right now.  Personally, I
think that using the menu package is the way to go.  The only reason
I didn't switch 100% over to it was because it did not have any
support for long descriptions.

I believe the next version will have support for long descriptions,
so it would probably make sense to drop the .dwww-index method then.

I apologize for the poor state of documentation with dwww - I need to
do some more experimenting myself.


 - Jim

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