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Re: architecture specific upload announcements

On Apr 10, James Troup wrote

> Sure that would help, but, let's say sometime in the future when all
> the ports are further along than they are now, a maintainer releases
> his package.  You wouldn't have 1 upload announcement, but 5, all on
> the same list, and the only[1] thing differing between them would be
> the architecture field.  Is that really a "good" thing?
> [1] Obviously some other stuff would change, like file size, md5sum
>     and whatever, but for human readers the only real change would be
>     the Architecture: field.

Hmm, just an idea.  This would be much more easiear if wou would
have the following situation:

A maintainer only uploads his source or diffs and announces this
if he likes to.

  Nightly some machines (i386, alpha, m68k, sparc, ppc) fetch the
  source out of the incoming directory and compile them.  The resulting
  .deb is automatically uploaded into another directory (or into hte
  unstable tree at once) and the source archive finds its way into
  the archive, too.



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