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`Giggle' library available for testing

It's nowhere near finished yet, but for those of you who are interested,
I've put a development copy up for download at
Especially welcome is anybody who wants to help with the coding!

If you missed the original announcement, Giggle is a user interface
library which is designed to use whatever display type is available.
Currently with the library is a replacement for the `dialog' program,
which seems to me to run a fair bit faster than the original, and the
beginnings of a (hopefully) slightly nicer commandline interface, but
watch this space for more.

What's missing, apart from all sorts of bits of code, are interface
modules for anything other than S-Lang. If you know some X-Windows
programming, or anything else for that matter, and would like to join in,
feel free to get in touch. Or if you fancy writing wrappers for the
library for Perl, etc, but that's a slightly more long-term goal.



Andy Mortimer, andy.mortimer@poboxes.com
Finger asm21@asm21.emma.cam.ac.uk for PGP public key
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