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Re: Can we upload binaries using libc6 to hamm yet?

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

> How about making /usr/bin/gcc be a shell script that takes an option
> (something like --libc5 or --libc6) to force selection, with the
> default being the libc version that is installed in /lib.  That way
> normal users don't have to worry about it, and people that want to
> just use the option.  This would also allow us to have the
> /usr/bin/gcc script check what was installed and generate messages
> along the lines of:

>   ERROR: Debian package libc5-dev is needed to compile libc5 binaries on
>          libc6 based systems.  Please install it and try again.
I agree with that but for one thing. Checking whether a package is
installed is a costly thing (at least currently). Doing so with each
invocation of gcc would increase compilation time by an intolerable
amount. Nevertheless the default action should be settable at
installation time.

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