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Re: Bug#9252: ncsa: ncsa in bo uses ldso from unstable

Why is the new ld.so not in frozen? Other people will build binaries with
the new ld.so (even if we dont) and it will not run on Debian 1.3!

Is there any reason ld.so 1.9.X is not in frozen? It is backward
compatible as far as I can tell.

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Christian Meder wrote:

>Package: ncsa
>Version: 1.4.2-5
>After upgrading to 1.4.2-5 ncsa doesn't start anymore. I suppose the
>reason is that according to buildinfo it was build with ldso-1.9.2-1
>which is not installed here and which is not available in
>frozen. Could you please rebuild it with the ldso in frozen before bo
>is released ?
>                                Christian
>-- System Information
>Debian Release: 1.3
>Kernel Version: Linux bombadil 2.0.29 #1 Mon Apr 7 03:24:24 EDT 1997 i586 unknown
>Versions of the packages ncsa depends on:
>libc5   Version: 5.4.23-2
>mime-support    Version: 2.12-1
>--- Begin /etc/ncsa/httpd.conf (modified conffile)
>ServerType standalone
>Port 80
>User nobody
>Group #-1
>ServerAdmin postmaster@localhost
>ServerRoot /etc/ncsa
>ServerName bombadil
>--- End /etc/ncsa/httpd.conf
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