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Re: "dselect" replacement team

'Jason Gunthorpe wrote:'
>  3) Many of the fixes require an indepth understanding of exactly how
>     all of the portions work together and interact. A quick way to get
>     this in this case is to simply chuck it and redo it.

Although I agree with your criticisms of dpkg/dselect, I think simply
chucking it is a /very/ bad idea.  dpkg/dselect embodies some three (?)
years of experience evolving the most advanced package management
software on the planet.  Since it is such a pioneering work, it has
rough edges and does need to be redone.  But it needs to be redone by
someone(s) who appreciate the evolution of cutting-edge, complex
software and understand software engineering enough to glean the ideas
from the code (poor as it may be at times) and to improve it in a
careful controlled fashion.

For the understatement of the year: package management is NOT simple!

PS.  Have you printed doc/database-structure.fig?  I suspect
dpkg/dselect is more carefully designed than you have given credit.

There are many elegant ideas in that code.  Don't throw them away!

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