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Re: ifmail

On Apr 21, Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote
>  I've packaged ifmail (Fidonet mailer/gateway). Is somebody working on
> this? If so I've already done a ifmailconfig script... =)

did you include the tx patches ? 

>  What is the proper way to get access to the /dev/ttyS[0-3] ? setgid
> dialout? Should all ifmail programs be run suid fidonet?

i never used ifmail, but i used fidogate and ifcico for a long time
(till someone in the net was also runing linux :-).

ifmail should be setup like uucp :
 - with an own user and group
 - ifcico suid fidonet sgid dialout
 	(like uucico is suid uucp sgid dialout)
 - the program, that accepts mail & news from mail daemon / news batcher
 	has to be suid fidonet sgid fidonet
 - the spool directories (or at least all file in it) should not be
   	readably to users (they contain emails !)
 - the rest should not be suid/sgid (these programs are used by the
   	crontab for user "fidonet", and by nobody else).

the key problem is : normal unix has three users for uucp, news and
mail, each with proper permissions. ifmail however emulates all three
services for ftn technology... 

regards, andreas

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