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Re: dwww and external links

> Hi all!
> Sometimes it may be usefule to include external links as documentation
> for a package. Since we have that nice dwww package, it shouldn't be
> hard to include a page to the standard dwww setup that contains
> external links to documentation or homepages of packages. 

Actually, I'm working on that.  Joost's menu package does all the hard
work, so it's easy to implement.

In a few days, I'm going to release an experimental version of dwww 
that contains documentation menus for all of the packages, plus
additional menus for users, system administrators, and programmers.
Plus there will be another menu that contains links to internet
sites of interest to Debian users.

The nice thing about using the menu package for this is that any
package or system administrator is able to add or delete links
from the menu.  So dwww can supply a base set of links and menus,
and any other package can add on to it.

For a quick look at what I'm up to, you can check out:

This has the generated menu all in one file.  I'm going to change
it around so that the menus are in multiple files, because the
one file approach isn't really workable when you add documentation
for every package on the system (I've got over 500 packages 
installed here).

I'm still experimenting with the format of the menu entries, plus
I want to solicit some feedback from the debian-doc team on how
the heirarchy should be structured.


 - Jim 

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