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Re: "dselect" replacement team

jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca (Jason Gunthorpe)  wrote on 11.04.97 in <Pine.A32.3.93.970410234618.90060H-100000@gpu5.srv.ualberta.ca>:

> Unfortunately that has the negative side effect of influencing how you
> build the new project by making you think in terms of the old. Since Brian
> wants a clean break (and I suggest a very clean break) I would be very
> heasitant to do a indepth analysis of how dpkg works internally.

Umm. Re-inventing the dependency code in dpkg/dselect?

I thought this was about user interfaces. Re-inventing the dependency code  
seems to me a really extreme case of stupidity - and that's putting it  

No one seems to have pointed out any design flaws in that part of the  
code. Prettying it up, doing some fixes, ok - reinventing it, what on  
earth for?

MfG Kai

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