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[no subject] Re: "Knowledge Base" software? "No disk drive detected" during install on SATA drive. "rm" alias which means it defaults to -f "stable" packages on a "testing" installation? "testing" install floppies "ulimit -n 48000 for a specific [user] account" revisited (for gurus) a process access HDD - Help me install Linux/m68k in my Falcon030. Thank You. - Re: ... clueless-twit /.dev /bin/sync hangs after switching from 2.4.20 to 2.6.11 /dev/input/mice doesnt works /etc/environment: Syntax /etc/environment: syntax /proc/cpu lists CPU MHz: 0.0000 1920x1200 modeline for Dell 2405FPW 2. Keyboard under X 2.4.27-2-386 kernel to 2.6.11-1? 2.6.11/10 (and probably others), usbnet + bridge => massive memory corruption 3d support for ati Re: 3d support for ati (almost solved) Re: 3d support for ati (long - dmesg output appended) 4-port NICs? 8212 ITE Raid controller Re: <Solved> Well, sort of. Was Re: mutt won't send emails, kmail does How to boot cd-rom from under Grub prompt INSTALAÇÃO DEBIAN LAMP! ¡ATENCION: TIENE UN VIRUS! Message incompatible avec le système de messagerie Re: INSTALAÇÃO DEBIAN LAMP! ? hdc: write_intr: Wrong Transfer Direction! ? Realtime Capable 2.6.8 Kernel [AMaViS-NG] Your outgoing email was blocked for inappropriate content Re: [debian] Re: Gnome File Association Re: [debian] Re: Streaming Radio [Fwd: Debian setup of ALSA to play ogle dvd with audio] [Fwd: Need Help-YMF724F Sound Card And ALSA]-A Repost [Fwd: Out of Office AutoReply: "rm" alias which means it defaults to -f] [Fwd: Re: APT-GET UPGRADE VS DIST-UPGRADE] [Fwd: Re: Enable DMA on a Travelmate 8005] [Fwd: Re: Need Help-YMF724F Sound Card And ALSA] [Fwd: xmms plugins for m4p] [ Re: Poll results: User views on the FDL issue] [ Re: Poll results: User views on the FDL issue] [OT veering into noise] Re: uk general election [OT] $DISPLAY screwing up with EPS when matlab run in background? Re: [OT] $DISPLAY screwing up with EPS when matlab run in background? Re: [OT] Debian forum? [OT] down? [OT] Possible hardware issue [OT] Project management [OT] Re: intrusion via ssh [OT] Re: Samba update moved my shares (again) [OT] Re: uk general election [OT] USB mp3 recorder recommendation? Re: [Partially solved] ssh annoyances [possibly solved] Re: computer calling out unexpectedly [SOLVED] ident and postgres [SOLVED] Re: realplay command does nothing (on Sid) Re: [TLUG]: weird ghosting of characters in X [Way OT] perl, CGI, and sendmail ABIT NF7-S2G Audio about hurd ? About laptop and debian ACPI sleeping Problems acrobat 7 plugin for mozilla/firefox works, and it does not Acroread 7.0 and mozilla Re: Acroread 7.0 and mozilla solved Acroread: troubles with fullscreen activatin swap on boot ad: Adaptec 2010s Re: Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 1210SA Re: Adding a group to /etc/group Re: alice All discs pop out after 2 minutes all phawrmacy for cheap Alrite :) ALSA -sound Alsa just won't record alsa on sarge kernel 2.6.8-2-686 ALSA sound modules not loading upon reboot Alsa Support for Soundblaster Live 24 Bit? alsactl and kernel 2.6.11 problems Alt-F2 then Synaptic launches firefox amazingly, debian server keeps crashing AMD Re: Amd64 Re: Anacron running very frequently Annoying double click problem Re: Annoying double click problem [solved] Annoying problem with GTK apps Re: Re: anti-virus software for Gnu/Linux anyone using an usb dvd rw ? apache and inetd Re: Apache and Php Apache/PHP, Oracle and MySQL apache2 with mod_deflate not logging apacheconfig generates a wrong line Apt get prob on debian (sparc) 3.0r2 apt package database performance Apt-build errors apt-dupdate? anyone else using it? apt-get deprecated? apt-get dist-upgrade / break Apt-get help? apt-get update error apt-get update timeout? apt-get upgrade problem APT-GET UPGRADE VS DIST-UPGRADE apt-get wants to "upgrade" gtk2-engines 2.8.2-2 to version 1:2.6.1-1? apt-proxy-import apt-proxy: how to make update? ARCHI server for Linux ? (and FTP-Search Project) asking for advice Aspell 0.60 and mutt Re: Aspell 0.60 and mutt - Answer and (SOLVED) Re: Aspell 0.60 and mutt - Answer and (SOLVED) And the REAL reason Re: Aspell 0.60 and mutt - Answer and (SOLVED) And the reason ATI 7000 IGP 3D atitvout problem auto-authenticating HTTP proxy autoexpect Autofs question Automatic Revision Control. Backup From One Drive - Restore To Another Backup of remote server to DVD backup package - linux Re: Backup Scripts Re: Backup Scripts - can o worms backup without disk file (pipe to growisofs) BASH Redirect (STDOUT & STDERR) Syncing BBNPA email hub has processed a suspicious mail[Scanned] Beagle Compile Error Re: benefits of invoke-rc.d benefits of invoke-rc.d (was: Re: unsubscribe) besides tcpflow, any other program or way to capture application data Best Python -- PostgreSQL bindings Best way to do ipsec on Woody Best way to keep a Linux and an XP directory synced Better Anti Spyware The last update was on 06:16 GMT Tue Jul 30. There are 3925 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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