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Re: acrobat 7 plugin for mozilla/firefox works, and it does not

I can confirm the behavior reported here.  I am using:

acroread-plugins/testing uptodate 7.0-0sarge0.8
acroread/testing uptodate 7.0-0sarge0.8
mozilla-firefox/testing uptodate 1.0.2-3
mozilla-acroread/testing uptodate 7.0-0sarge0.8

When I clicked on


it displayed the pdf file correctly (in a tabbed window within

When I clicked on


the embedded pdf is not displayed, and I got the following error
message in my stderr window:

Usage: /usr/bin/acroread [options] [list of files]

        This option specifies the host and display to use.
        X screen to use. Use this options to override the
        screen part of the DISPLAY environment variable.
        Make X calls synchronous. This slows down the program
    -geometry [<width>x<height>][{+|-}<x offset>{+|-}<y offset>]
        Size and/or location of the document windows.
        Note: this option is position dependent, and can be
        specified multiple times. The geometry specified only
        affects the list of files following it.
        Prints the common command-line options.
        Launches in an iconic state on the desktop.
    -setenv <var>=<value>
        Tells the main application to perform the equivalent of
        C-shell setenv <var> <value>.
        Indicates files listed on the command line are temporary files
        and should not be put in the recent file list.  The document
        title will be the title in the pdf document, instead of the
    -tempFileTitle <title>
        Same as -tempFile, except the title is specified.
    -toPostScript [options] pdf_file ... [ps_dir]
    -toPostScript [options] -pairs pdf_file_1 ps_file_1 ...
    -toPostScript [options]
        Converts the given pdf_files to PostScript.

        In the first form, if the last file specified is a directory,
        then all preceding files will be converted to PostScript
        and the generated PostScript files will be placed into ps_dir.
        If a directory is not specified, then the PostScript files
        will be placed in the same directory as the original file.

        In the second form, the file list contains pairs, each
        consisting of a PDF filename and a corresponding PostScript

        The third form specifies a filter, reading a PDF file from
        standard input and writing the PostScript file to standard

        Note: When using -toPostScript it must be the first argument
        passed in on the command line.

        The following are valid options for the conversion of PDF to

        -binary - emit binary PostScript where possible
        -start <int> - identify the first page in the document to be
           converted (default is the first page of the document)
        -end <int> - identify the last page in the document to be
           converted (default is the last page of the document)
        -optimizeForSpeed - emit PostScript such that all fonts are
           emitted once at the beginning of the document.  This
           results in faster transmission times and smaller
           PostScript documents but requires more PostScript printer
           virtual memory.
        -landscape - rotate the pages to print landscape
        -reverse - reverse the page order of the output
        -odd - emit only odd-numbered pages
        -even - emit only even-numbered pages
        -commentsOff - don't print comments
        -annotsOff - don't print annots
        -level2 - emit Level 2 PostScript  (level1 is not supported)
        -level3 - emit Level 3 PostScript
        -printerhalftones - use the printer default halftones.
        -saveVM - download fonts as needed to preserve printer memory
        -size - Paper size (letter,tabloid,ledger,legal,a3,a4,a5,b4,b5)
        -scale <int> - scale the pages according to the scale factor
           (default is 100 percent)
        -shrink - shrink the pages to fit the page size
        -expand - expand the pages to fit the page size
        -size <pagesize> - set the page size.  The following page sizes
           are recognized:
              letter - letter size paper
              tabloid - tabloid size paper
              ledger - ledger size paper
              legal - legal size paper
              executive - executive size paper
              a3 - ISO standard A3 size
              a4 - ISO standard A4 size
              a5 - ISO standard A5 size
              b4 - ISO standard B4 size
              b5 - ISO standard B5 size
              wxh - custom size paper where w is the integer width
                 in points and h is the integer height in points
        -transQuality level - set the transparency flattening level
           Value from 1-5, where 1 means rasterize everything, 5 means
           rasterize as little as possible, default is 3.
        The application starts normally without checking if it
        is already running.
        Print version information and quit.
    -visual <visual class> [depth=<depth>]
    -visual id=<visual id>
    -visual best
    -visual default
        Specifies a visual.

        In the first form, the visual class (specified by either
        its name or number) with an option depth determine the
        visual to use.

        In the second form, the visual id is specified. The prefix
        Print version information and quit.
    -visual <visual class> [depth=<depth>]
    -visual id=<visual id>
    -visual best
    -visual default
        Specifies a visual.

        In the first form, the visual class (specified by either
        its name or number) with an option depth determine the
        visual to use.

        In the second form, the visual id is specified. The prefix
        0x must be used for hexadecimal numbers.

        The third form uses an internal algorithm based on depth
        and visual class.

        The fourth form simply uses the default visual.

        Note that PseudoColor visuals of depth greater than 8,
        and DirectColor visuals are not supported.
Acrobat plug-in. This operation is not allowed
Acrobat plug-in. This operation is not allowed

Perhaps a bad option being passed on?  I'm just guessing.


A Mennucc wrote:
> hi
> I have installed the new Acrobat Reader 7 , as prepackaged for
> Debian users, thanks to  Christian Marillat ; I added
>   deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ testing main
> to /etc/apt/sources.list, and install packages:
>    acroread ,  mozilla-acroread    acroread-plugins
> As pointed out in
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2005/03/msg03495.html
> I have copied
> /usr/lib/Adobe/Acrobat7.0/Browser/intellinux/nppdf.so
> inside  /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins
> (whereas the package   mozilla-acroread creates a symlink)
> The browser plugin , though, has some bugs.
> This has been pointed out in many threads (such as the one
> started at
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2005/03/msg03447.html
> by U Dippel) where people would either say that it works , and it
> I think that the above confusion spurs from a fundamental mistake.
> A PDF plugin can perform two different functions:
> 1) It opens a pdf file in a tab in mozilla or firefox . This is what
you get
>    opening the web page
>    http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mennucc1/tmp/hi.pdf
>  With the above setting, this page is shown by an acroread process
>   that is enclosed in the mozilla (or, firefox) window.
>   And indeed, this feature works fine.
> 2) It embeds a PDF into an HTML page using the <embed> tag.
>   This is shown by the web page
>    http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mennucc1/tmp/embedpdf.html
>   This does not work. Mozilla will spin forever, and never display
the pdf
>  (you may see the plugin flashing for a brief moment , then it dies).
>  Moreover, after this crash,  mozilla will not display
>   any other PDF file (try opening another tab, or another window, and
>   opening    http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mennucc1/tmp/hi.pdf  inside
> that), until
>   you quit and restart Mozilla.
>  In Firefox, the behaviour is slightly different: the plugin dies,
> this line
> /  Acrobat plug-in. This operation is not allowed
>  /appears on the terminal where firefox was ran from. Firefox does
> spin forever./
> /
> Can you confirm the above behaviour ?
> a.
> --
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