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Re: Backup of remote server to DVD

Scarletdown wrote:

Chris Boot wrote:

Hi all,

I've been hunting around for a nice backup system that will allow me to backup a remote server to DVD. I was looking at Bacula, which according to its manual seems about the perfect solution (if a bit unweildy), but in actual fact doesn't support DVD writing except in CVS. I haven't really looked into Amanda, but DVD writing seems to be a bit of a hack, no? Currently I'm using flexbackup over SSH, but that requires nanual intervention to actually write the archives to DVD, and restoration is difficult.

Does Mondo Archive have DVD support? If so, that might be a viable solution.

Hmm, it looks interesting but the problem is I don't have physical access to the server. My idea was to grab the backups from the server to my other machines (at home), and burn the backups at home. Bacula would be pretty much perfect, and I could also start backing up other machines on my local network while I'm at it. I'm just really disappointed by its lack of DVD support.

Is anyone using Amanda's DVD 'taper'? How well does it work? Can anyone comment?

Many thanks,

Chris Boot

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