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Re: backup package - linux

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005, Francisco Cesar da Silva wrote:

>  Does someone know a simple backup algorithm (probably using several 
>  disks) that can resurrect a file or a set of files or a whole disk as at 
> an arbitrary date in the past?

thats trivial as long as you can guarantee your backup files does
not contain corrupted files and that the backups are complete and correct

>   Perhaps there is a package that manages this sort of thing? 

not really .. at least not in my book, that i'd rather use my own
backup mechanism and methodology

my basic methodology ( craziness )
	- i have(want) 3 copies of anything important
	- i have(want) 3 independent backup such that if the backup
	system takes a dump ... nothing is lost (real data or backup data)

	- backups can go live at any time within say a minute
	to take over the primary servers if it crashed

	- i assume last few full backups failed and i can still recover

	- i assume some daily incremental failed but not all
	- i require a list of files that changed daily
	- i want it to work across 50TB (terabyte) of data ... :-)
	- i want it to work across any-all-nix and windoze
	- i want to exclude stuff i dont care about

	- lots more specs/requirements to weed out most apps
	( all are real requirements .. )

- to do the above ...
	find <todays change> | tar zcvf someplacesafe://today.tgz -T -

	todays changes is the key .. whether it spans a day or
	span a week or span a month or span 6 months

	all that can be done trivially with find -mtime -xx

		-mtime -8	last week
		-mtime -32	last month
		-mtime -200	last 6-month

	- all of the above is a couple lines in cron if you do NOT
	want to do any error checking etc and willing to risk all or

- i assume a cracker is not sleeping in the backups with the trojans
  that the backups are clean and prestine and 100% guranteed functional
  to be able to recover any system to any date(hour) at any time(hour) 

rest of the "simple backup" stuff

c ya

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