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On Friday, 15.04.2005 at 07:24 +0000, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> Dave Ewart Wrote:
> The above behaviour will not happen with Stable or Testing.
> Len's reply
> Begging your pardon, Dave.  I only use Testing, but still wave woody, 
> 12.4.18-bf2.4, installed
> for fallback, and this is the second time apt-get dist-upgrade wanted to 
> uninstall kde.  After
> getting bit the first time, I do check what's going to happen before I act 
> and use the -s
> simulate option.

OK, maybe I should have written "almost certainly *should* not happen"
with Stable or Testing.  :-)

> All the postings have been informative for me, a newbie of sorts.  If 
> dist-upgrade has unmet dependencies
> causing it to remove kde, then something is wrong somewhere and upgrade is 
> not fixing it, just allowing it
> to continue.

The point is that 'upgrade' and 'dist-upgrade' do two very different

apt-get upgrade: This will install newer versions of *existing*
packages, it will *not* install any new packages (for example to meet
dependencies for a newer version of an already installed package), nor
will it remove any existing packages;

apt-get dist-upgrade: This will install newer versions of *existing*
packages and *may* install *or* remove some existing packages in order
to meet dependencies.

The 'man' page of 'apt' also explains this and contains the text
"apt-get  has a "smart" conflict resolution system, and it will attempt
to upgrade the most important  packages at  the  expense of less
important ones if necessary".  I'm guessing this is what has bitten you.
Dependencies are complex and apt's conflict resolution obviously decided
that KDE was a suitable candidate for removal, unfortunately.

Also, regarding 'apt-get upgrade' not installing or removing any
packages: "New versions of currently installed packages that cannot be
upgraded without changing the install status of another package will be
left at their current version."

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