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Re: "Knowledge Base" software?

Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> writes:

> I was simply suggesting wikis, having imagined the requirements the OP
had, and
> believing that form of "knowledge logging" was the best compromise
between ease
> of use and functionalities needed.

He asked about a knowledge base. I'd assume from that... he wanted a
knowledge base.

> I believe no-one here implied artificial reasoning is no good, only
> inappropriate to the task.

The task of knowledge base?

Maybe the expert system was a bit out of place but it actually fit's his
requirements much
more closely. Personally, I think many folk {specifically customers}
would be served better
by an easy research system rather than a wiki. Wiki's are geared to
discussion. Expert
systems are geared to information retrieval.

It's not really that much more complex.


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