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On Thursday, 14.04.2005 at 20:18 -0400, Michael Marsh wrote:

> On 4/14/05, Marty <martyb@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> > I'm not sure you've gotten my point.  dselect uses apt too, but it
> > is much smarter about upgrading a distribution.  The "user problem"
> > is not being aware of it, which may be true in your case as well.
> > If you don't trust dselect's "smarter" approach or don't mind
> > reinstalling dozens of packages, that's another issue.  On a fast
> > machine it may hardly matter, and could be a good way of getting rid
> > of cruft.
> You're right -- I've never used dselect with apt-get.  Still, it's
> true that dist-upgrade won't remove packages unless you tell it that
> it's allowed to.  I'm also not doing anything incredibly complicated
> -- no pinning, no mixing of releases -- so I've yet to see apt-get try
> to remove a large number of packages.  That doesn't mean I won't, of
> course.

This can happen if Sid has dependency issues.  For example, if you do a
'dist-upgrade' when only part of a large package (such as KDE) has been
properly migrated to Sid, you might find that apt will remove KDE
because it can't satisfy all its dependencies.

This will normally be fixed within a few days.  This is one of the
down-sides of using Sid.  If you don't want it to happen, only use
'apt-get upgrade' or watch carefully before doing a 'dist-upgrade'.

The above behaviour will not happen with Stable or Testing.

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