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Re: asking for advice

Pedro Miramontes wrote:

Both Woody and Sarge include a Scigraphica package, a 2d and 3d, nice
plotting software.
It opens ok, imports data from ascii files ok, makes a first plot ok
but when one tries to modify the points symbols then freezes up with
no way to either close it or to proceed to other options.
My oven is better than yours


On 4/15/05, Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> wrote:

Ice cream melts in my oven.

Nice to see Universe is so symmetrical :)

Dear friend,
either you give many more details or ot will be hard for any of us to
help you.


Ola Pedro, que tal.

Please keep the thread on the list. This will maximise the probability someone can help you.

You should give more details such as level of the packages and if there is a reproducible set of data which causes your lock you could also rais a bug against the relevant package. See the reportbug command.

Good luck,

PS Am my refrigerator is better than yours.

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