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Re: alsactl and kernel 2.6.11 problems

Very thanks for the info Thomas, but I can not solve the problem doing that, The error stop, but I was still with out sound. I have to compile Kernel 2.6.10 with all the same configuration of my .11 kernel and now works with out any problem. :S I have to recreate the asound.stat with 2.6.10 too, but after that, works with out any problems. Thanks again for your help, I will keep doing some test with .11 to see if I can make it works.

Cheers, Javier.

Thomas Hood wrote:

On Sun, 03 Apr 2005 19:50:09 +0200, Javier wrote:
When I trying to start alsa (/etc/init.d/alsa start) I get this errror:/
Setting up ALSA.../etc/init.d/alsa: Warning: 'alsactl restore' failed with error message 'alsactl: set_control:930: warning: name mismatch (External Amplifier/Headphone Jack Sense) for control #26'.

Drivers change from one ALSA version to another.  For different versions
of a driver, the asound.state file sometimes contains different fields.
If the fields in asound.state do not match what the driver expects then
alsactl reports an error.

What has happened is that you have created asound.state under a previous
kernel with ALSA version 1.0.X and now you are trying to read it back into
ALSA version 1.0.8.  asound.state is no longer valid for this kernel.

The solution is simple.  Use a mixer app (gamix works well) to set mixer
levels to your liking and then run "alsactl store" to create a new
asound.state file.

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