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[SOLVED] Re: realplay command does nothing (on Sid)

Apparently, _hacker_, on 17/04/05 21:09,typed:
On 4/17/05, H. S. <greatexcalibur@yahoo.com> wrote:

I just installed realplayer 10 avialable form realnetworks.com (the
binary file). I installed it on /usr/local/RealPlayer and put the path
in PATH variable. However, if I give the command "realplay" as normal
user, nothing happens at all! What am I missing? All help is welcome.

Most likely you didn't resource your PATH after you thought you
changed it.  What do you get when you enter 'which realplay' .. it
should reply '/usr/local/RealPlayer/realplay', but if it comes back
blank, then you need to reboot.  But, a better way is to just 'cd
/usr/bin ; ln -s /usr/local/RealPlayer/realplay .' to soft link it to
your existing path.

The path and installation was okay. The problem was esd. It was keeping the sound device busy. In gnome, as soon as I switched system sounds off, the realplayer GUI appeared (apparently it was waiting for the sound device to do anything at all; it should at least give an error message). I changed my esd.conf file to make the sound device free for other applications. Here is my modified esd.conf:

#spawn_options=-terminate -nobeeps -as 5
spawn_options=-terminate -nobeeps -as 2
# default options are used in spawned and non-spawned mode

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