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Re: amazingly, debian server keeps crashing

On Monday 18 April 2005 03:57 pm, will trillich wrote:
> debian intel 845 chipset pentium 4, 400 fsb.
> 3ware sata 4-hd raid 5.
> we're having trouble finding evidence anywhere
> that shows what's going south--
> from "kern.log":
> Apr 12 19:53:11 server kernel: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
> dereference at virtual address 0000008c Apr 12 19:53:11 server kernel: 
Do you have any ramdisks set up or even installed? I suppose this might be a 
hardware problem but it seems that the system would crash with a boot panic 
if that was the case. I would check the boot bios memory test to see if it is 
mapping around some bad memory. I think the thing to check is what happened 
at the time the server issued the message above. See if chron or some 
scheduler is running something around that time. Also check for software 
error logs that were generated at the same time. 
Good Luck!

John Foster

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