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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
Thanks James Vahn, for your reply. I'm not sure what's the difference between KDE and kde, meta package. However, I get the message that the KDE GUI would still work if I went ahead with the dist-upgrade. The message I got was similar to your last example. I did get an off-list response that explained fully what heppened with KDE and Kvim which I just posted. I installed gnome-vim(think that was the name) to satisy the dependency and apt-get dist-upgrade now does its thing without wanting to remove kde. The new post should
be there shortly.

Thanks for all the responses. I get valuable information from all the replys.

Leonard Chataqgnier

This is an interesting pile of confusion...

I've been using apt-get dist-upgrade for well over a year now and I don't thing I've ever experienced a problem with packages. I'm pinned to testing and sometimes will pick up packages that are in unstable.

But nothing has ever been removed that needed to be there.
At least nothing I missed.

There have been a number of times where packages are not upgraded through dist-upgrade that can be either upgraded through 'upgrade' or by dist-upgrade at a later time.

I was always under the impression that dist-upgrade can be described as a less aggressive means of upgrading packages and when doing distribution level upgrades (which are very large) it will be more conservative about package upgrade/replacement. Because of this, you may be necessary to run apt-get dist-upgrade several times in order to upgrade the entire distro. IIRC upgrading from Debian 2.2 to 3.0 required three 'apt-get dist-upgrade' before all the packages were up to date.

As a rule, I will run dist-upgrade while I'm on my current tree of Testing. After I get the message that Debian has upgraded to it's next version I reset my sources.list to 'stable' and stay there for a while.

I stick close to stable as I don't like surprises.

If Debian is able to increase their release frequency sufficiently, then I can see some of my servers staying at stable and getting a workstation at testing. Until then...

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