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Re: Aspell 0.60 and mutt

Wayne Topa <linuxone@intergate.com> writes:

> Hello Users
>   In an effort to clean up my mail spelling/typos I am trying to get
>   aspell working with mutt, without much luck, it seems
>   I googled for how it 'should' be set up but none of the methods works
>   here. ie: 
> set ispell='aspell \
>    --language-tag=`echo $LANG|sed "s/\.[^.]*$//"` \
>    --encoding=`echo $LANG|sed "s/^[^.]*\.\?//"` \
>    --mode=email \
>    --add-email-quote=%,#,:,} \
>    --check'

I doubt it likes the line wrapping, and possibly the use of the
backticks is problematic (and useless) as well.

> or
> macro compose i '<enter-command>set ispell="aspell --language-tag=en -c --mode=email" <enter><ispell>' 'Run aspell with English dictionary'
> or even the simple 
> set ispell="aspell -e -c"

This is the one I use, without problems.

> Each, tried seperately in .muttrc. does not bring up the text in
> the compose menu.  Hitting 'i' does cause the screen to junp, or if
> I change the "--encoding=`echo $LANG|sed "s/^[^.]*\.\?//"`" to 
> --encoding=en_US, I get an error message flashing so fast you can't read it.

What is LANG set to?  What terminal emulator are you using?

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