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Re: Beagle Compile Error

Yes I've installed those packages... But... beagle-0.0.9 wants mono >= 1.0.6... Deb packages are 1.0.5... I tried to compile the 1.0.6 packages but especially mcs package is not being compiled... I'm going mad..! I can't install Beagle almost for 1 week.. And there's no place that I can get help for it... :(

Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:

On 4/15/05, Alper KANAT <tunix@raptiye.org> wrote:

I'm trying to compile Beagle 0.0.9 on my Debian Sarge system.. I have
read all the information on BeagleWiki site and the Debian page.. I've
compiled my kernel with the inotify patch.. And here is the ./configure

        Prefix:                 /usr/local
        D-BUS Workarounds?      yes
        Evolution-Sharp?        no (missing dependencies)
        gsf-sharp?              no
        gst-sharp?              no
        Epiphany Extension?     no (missing dependencies)
        Mozilla Extension?      yes
        wv1?                    no

        Enable Network          no
        Enable WebServices      no

Did you install GTK-Sharp? In debian it's called libgtk-cil and it
depends on the mono-mcs package.

By the looks of it, you didn't (or at least you didn't register the
.NET assemblies in the GAC). If you've installed them but you still
can't use them you'd have to register the .NET assemblies in Mono's
global assembly cache or directly refer to the DLL's (ulk..)

fn:Alper KANAT

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