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Re: Amd64

On (16/04/05 22:54), Jonathan Kaye wrote:
> En/La Clive Menzies ha escrit, a 16/04/05 20:03:
> >Hi Jonathan
> > 
> >
> >Yes, exclusively.  I had a couple issues of misunderstanding which I
> >clarified by searching the web.
> >
> >I'd urge you to post specific questions to the list; there are many
> >others who are in your position and it will help them in the future.
> >
> >I have to tell you that xfce4.2 on this 64bit system is really cool.  I
> >have a wide screen laptop and having just cracked the resolution
> >configuration it is really crisp..... and boy is is fast ;)
> >
> Hi Clive,
> Yes that's my intention. I just wanted the security of asking really 
> specific questions about my installation that might not be of wide 
> interest. One question - in reading the HOWTO I get the impression that 
> I have to rip out my existing installation and start again from scratch. 
> Is that correct? I only have one hd and it only has one partition so 
> either I buy another hard disc or backup my stuff (another question is 
> which stuff) and install pure64 from scratch.
This is exactly the sort of question that would be better answered on
the list.

A second disk makes a lot of sense; and they're pretty cheap.  I just
revived an old PIII server with the addition of 2 120GB ATA drives and
configured them as raid storage /home

If you're reluctant to do that you can shrink partitions and debian has
the tools to do it, I believe.  I'm cc'ing debian-user - someone has
probably done this ;)  but if you do 
$ apt-cache search disk | grep partition

you'll see a list of partitioning packages

> I think I'll need at least one bottle of Lagavulin on hand before I 
> attempt this. My plan was to wait for Etch to come out which has pure64 
> as one of its kernel options.
I'm a Rjoca fan myself.   Although I confess I find tea more conducive
to concentration ;)



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