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Re: Re: amazingly, debian server keeps crashing

I'm also no expert, but here are my thoughts:

excellent. thanks for your help!

First, some questions:

1.  Are you running testing or unstable or what?

sarge (= testing still, right?)

2.  Has the server been working fine for a long time and suddenly
started crashing, or is it a new box?

relatively new; runs for several days without a hitch, then -- aaack!

3.  Is the server on a good power supply?

on an apc 1200 va ups; pc itself has dual-450 auto-redundant power supplies.

4.  What kind of load is the server under?  What is it used for?

we're in the process of setting it up as an email and web server.

5.  How old are the hard disks in the array?  The controller?

four western digital 160gb sata raid 5, quite new.

6.  When did you last install or upgrade any software?

been running (and falling) since december!

7.  How often is it happening?  How long does it work before crashing?

several days. sometimes more than a week.

Some things to consider:

1.  Maybe there is a bad disk in the array.

are there command-line tools to find out? there don't seem to be any 3w-xxxx logs other than startup.

2.  Maybe the controller is hiccuping.

i could tell if i ... did what?

3.  Maybe the motherboard is quirky.

lordy. hope not.

4.  Maybe the kernel or a module got upgraded to a bad version.

that's what we're looking at now -- different kernel.

5.  Maybe there's a power supply problem.

seems unlikely, but i suppose we can't rule it out.

Don't forget to make good, frequent backups!

so far there's no real data on it, but always a good idea to backup everything, yes.

thanks for your pointers.

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