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Re: benefits of invoke-rc.d (was: Re: unsubscribe)

On Tue, 05 Apr 2005, David Landgren wrote:
> >>What is the advantage of using invoke-rc.d as opposed to using the
> >>/etc/init.d/SCRIPT PARAM as I always did ?

None, UNLESS you are doing it from a script or doing something unusual.  I
wrote invoke-rc.d to get the package maintainer scripts (the stuff dpkg runs
when installing, updating or removing packages) to behave.  Nothing else.

> >You know, I'm not entirely sure what the reasoning is. The invoke-rc.d 
> >manpage says "All access to the init scripts by Debian packages' 
> >maintainer scripts should be done through invoke-rc.d." But I guess that 
> >doesn't really apply to end-users.

Exactly.  End users can do whatever they want to :-)

>  - A single entry point to make sure that vital environment variables 
> are sane. Could look elsewhere than /etc/init.d for scripts. (e.g. 
> /usr/local/etc to make FreeBSD'ers feel at home).

That's mostly correct. invoke-rc.d is supposed to work ONLY with sysv-like
init script systems, that means /etc/init.d/<script> must always work, and
work correctly at that.

>  - invoke-rc.d could be aliased to 'service' (e.g. to make redhatters 
> feel at home).

I'd rather someone wrote a service wrapper that actually behaves just like
RedHat's instead...

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