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RE: Autofs question

>> So, in my auto.master I put 
>> /mnt 	/etc/auto.mnt	--timeout=3600
>do not use  /mnt for autofs, if /mnt is ued for other things ..
>	- it'd confuse you or  others
>	- use /.autofs or /.automount instead of /mnt
>> And then in my auto.mnt I put
>> share1 blahblahblah
>> share4 blahblahblah
>blah blah is crucial
>	share1 -fstype=nfs,ro LinuxBox:/some-exported-directory/share1

Sorry for the long delay, was out of town for a few days.

Yes, I realize the blahblahblah is crucial... it's just not applicable
to my problem, I already have autofs functioning in the above fashion.
It's the below that's confusing me, I'll try to clarify.

>> and that's good, but I don't seem to be able to put
>> Chicago/share2 blahblahblah
>> Chicago/share3 blahblahblah
>this will work  if you have everything right:
>	cp anything.txt /.autofs/share1/anything.txt
>> Is that just not something autofs supports?
>that is "that"

Ok... here's what I'm trying to explain... let's say it's not /mnt and
is instead


Share 1 is coming from the UNC path \\machine1\someshare
Share 2 is coming from the UNC path \\machine2\someothershare

It appears to me autofs won't support this. At least not if I'm setting
up my map file at the .autofs level. Basically what I'm trying to ask
is, can I setup a file at the .autofs level, which is mapped at the
share1/share2 (above) levels.

Below is my actual auto.mnt (I'll change the mnt part later, you make
great points on that)

backups & chicago both work flawlessly... solaris-1/SHADOW0 and uk/share
and packages/setups do not work. All three let me go to the first level
(solaris-1, uk & packages respectively) but they are empty folders, and
I cannot access the actual shares (SHADOW0, share & setups respectively)

-------------begin auto.mnt---------------------
s,fmask=0774,dmask=0774 ://chicago1/devcentral_bu

solaris-1/SHADOW0 -fstype=smbfs,credentials=/etc/fstabpwds/devcentral,ro

tes,fmask=0774,dmask=0774 ://chicago2/share

ites,fmask=0774,dmask=0774 ://uk1/productsmirror

gid=sambawrites,fmask=0774,dmask=0774 ://chicagofilesrvr/setups

--------------end auto.mnt----------------------

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