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Re: /.dev

Serkan Calis wrote:

First of all my sound card is properly configured and i can easily get
sound from the machine. ie using xmms.

But for some other tools sound dont work and i realize that that is
because i dont have a /dev/dsp directory. Instead i have /.dev/dsp.
I dont know why this is so, because of udev? is it exactly true?

You're partially right. udev creates a /.dev directory to allow access to your "old" /dev directory. (Actually, the newest version of udev creates a /dev/.static/dev directory so the little link trick you used below won't work anymore). udev creates /dev entries only if the kernel functionality is working. I'm assuming that you are using ALSA. If this is the case, you need to load the snd_pcm_oss module to make the /dev/dsp entry appear. Also, the snd_mixer_oss module will make the /dev/mixer entry appear. I hope this is the case.

Now i create a symlink for /.dev/dsp to /dev  but firstly this is
worked but after machine rebooted my symlink vanishes?
The /dev directory is stored in a RAM drive which means it will disappear as soon as the you turn off the computer.

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