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Dave Ewart Wrote:

The above behaviour will not happen with Stable or Testing.

Len's reply
Begging your pardon, Dave.  I only use Testing, but still wave woody, 12.4.18-bf2.4, installed
for fallback, and this is the second time apt-get dist-upgrade wanted to uninstall kde.  After
getting bit the first time, I do check what's going to happen before I act and use the -s
simulate option.

All the postings have been informative for me, a newbie of sorts.  If dist-upgrade has unmet dependencies
causing it to remove kde, then something is wrong somewhere and upgrade is not fixing it, just allowing it
to continue.  This may be tell-tell for an experienced user/programmer but for a newbie it just conpletes
the circle of confusion and gets nothing fixed.  I have fixed my debian system to a large degree but still
have problems with sound and YMF724R card(posted on this list page but not replied to).  Wish I could get
a response to it like I did to this one.
Len C

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