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Re: (for gurus) a process access HDD

On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 09:23:44PM +0200, Mohammad Halawah wrote:
> Hi gurus,
> I am using the " hdparm -S 1 /dev/hda" command to keep the HDD quite while I 
> am reading some pdf's
> but the problem is that there is a process running and ask for data from the 
> HDD which reactivate the HDD again and I am losing the "quietness" 
> unfortionatly the "top" command did not help
> many thanx in advance  
Hi Mohammad,

IIRC, in your /etc/fstab try adding 'async,noatime' to the options for the
drive. Also read 'man mount' to get more info about the possible

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